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ive never gifted one of my drawings but i drew something for my boyfriend’s birthday and i want to give it to him but im scared he wont like it and ill catch that quick flicker of disappointment in his eyes and then he’ll force a smile and claim to like it and i know he doesnt
this is giving me so much anxiety that i cant even sleep lol


lighthouse by Liis Klammer on Flickr.







This Texas cheerleader has been making headlines lately, but for a different kind of sport.
Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader and aspiring TV star, has been making safari trips to Zimbabwe and South Africa since she was 13, and her Facebook page, where she posts pictures of herself with dead animals, has over 105,000 likes.
Jones, who says she’s not simply a trophy hunter but a conservationist too, claims to have been inspired by her father, as young as age 9, who frequently brought home game hunted and killed on his safaris in the African continent.
Animal rights activists have since lodged several complaints against her including an Avaaz petition requesting that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg remove her page on his site.
Jones, on the other hand, has since signed a development deal for a show on the Sportsman Channel.

sounds kinda mean but i hope she gets west nile virus and dies =)


She keeps spouting that she’s a “conservationist” trying to increase populations of lions. 

The most recent study, led by a scientist from Duke University, shows that as few as 32,000 lions are left in the wild. Many experts say there could be far fewer. (See an interactive experience on the Serengeti lion.)
While habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict (often in the form of retaliatory killings after lions kill livestock and sometimes even humans) are the primary causes of the lions’ disappearance from Africa’s forests and savannahs, trophy hunting adds to the problem. Approximately 600 lions are killed every year on trophy hunts, including lions in populations that are already declining from other threats. These hunts are unsustainable and put more pressure on the species.
Unfortunately, Americans are primarily to blame. Approximately 60 percent of all lions killed for sport in Africa are shipped to the U.S. as trophies.
There are several reasons why trophy hunting is so bad for lions, beyond the obvious one that it kills healthy members of an imperiled species. The adult male lion is the most sought-after trophy by wealthy foreign hunters. And when an adult male lion is killed, the destabilization of that lion’s pride can lead to more lion deaths as outside males compete to take over the pride.
Once a new male is in the dominant position, he will often kill the cubs sired by the pride’s previous leader, resulting in the loss of an entire lion generation within the pride.

Also, there was a photo of her with her foot placed on top the corpse of a dead lion that she had just killed. That is not respecting the animal, that is not compassion..that is her and her boosted ego. Shit I’ve seen shows were troopers have to kill a fucking deer because its hind leg is broken and its starving to death and they even cry about it. SHE DOESNT CARE SHE JUST WANTS FAME AND MONEY AND ATTENTION AND A TV SHOW

I just don’t understand why you would do this, like, why does it make you feel good to kill majestic creatures??

I literally don’t even. There is also a photo of her basically holding up and hugging the corpse of a cheetah she killed…all while grinning ear to ear. Like is that not fucking demented? WHO HUGS CORPSES AND SMILES LIKE THEY JUST WON A PRIZE. oh yeah, i’ll tell you… people who hunt for glory and ego boosts, not people who are compassionate about animals and preserving wildlife.

I’m about to hunt her and see how she likes it.

by jeffong

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By Adrian Gottlieb
"Oh, all right, I say,
I’ll save myself."
- Anne Sexton, “Letter Written on a Ferry While Crossing Long Island Sound,” from All My Pretty Ones (via lifeinpoetry)